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Wool Carpets – Soft, Warm & Luxurious

Wool is a fantastic fibre; it has superb heat and sound insulating properties, it’s fire retardant, non-allergenic and doesn’t promote bacteria or mite growth. It’s completely renewable, and is also recyclable and biodegradable.

This naturally wondrous material can be woven into a unique and diverse range of individual wool carpet designs – the end result being a beautiful enduring feast for the feet and eyes.

Wool carpets and rugs are both pleasurable and practical. Soft, warm and luxurious to the touch, wool is comfortable underfoot, hardwearing and versatile. With such a stylish and sophisticated look, it’s not surprising that wool carpets are a firm favourite in living rooms and bedrooms across the UK.

Our collection of weaves, patterns and textures is second to none and all our wool carpet designs are classic and incredibly durable.

100% Pure Wool Carpet or a Natural Blend?

Our fine and chunky wools are full of natural character and big on texture so they will always look stylish, but there is another woolly option. We also create stunning wool carpets that are mixed with the finest natural plant fibres. By mixing wool with sisal, jute, cotton and linen, distinct designs can be created by blending the fibres’ innate qualities and textures, which produce a stunning effect.

Our unique carpet designs always enhance any surroundings, whichever material you choose. Whether you are looking for demure and subtle, loud and proud or smart and contemporary, we have a wool carpet for everyone; suitable for a warm welcome in the hall or for the rough ‘n’ tumble of a family room.

If you have any questions about having a wool carpet fitted, our fully trained staff in our Kent showroom will be able to help. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email using our contact page.

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