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Sisal Flooring

Sisal is one of nature’s survivors. Intricate, soft and exotic, a sisal carpet is the toughest natural fibre flooring, and brings a long-lasting grace and slice of exotic intrigue to your hallway, sitting room or bedroom.

Hardy and homely, sisal comes from Africa, Brazil and the Mexican Gulf, where it’s extracted from the leaf of Agave sisalana. Dense, finely textured dark-green leaves are hand-picked before being crushed to get the pure white fibres known as sisal. The fibres are then cleaned, dyed to almost any colour, spun and woven into yarn, before being woven into an array of sisal carpet weave designs.

Sisal carpets can be used in most rooms within a home, apart from high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It can be fully fitted like a carpet or made into a stunning, individual, custom made rug.

Types of Sisal Flooring

Just like seagrass, coir and jute, sisal flooring is available in several different weaves:

  • Bouclé – tightly woven sisal loops of different sizes
  • Basketweave – a loosely woven sisal crisscross construction with a chequerboard pattern
  • Panama – a flatter, relaxed sisal loop of differing sizes
  • Herringbone – a v-shaped sisal zigzag design with variations in herringbone width

Sisal carpets are hardy, so they make an ideal choice for homes and offices where there can be a large amount of pedestrian traffic. Sisal can also be mixed with wool to create different designs and carpet textures that sisal alone wouldn’t be able to create.

If you have any questions about sisal flooring or rugs, our highly trained staff will be able to help you in our Kent showroom. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get in touch by phone or email, please contact us via our contact page.

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