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Jute Flooring

With the resurgence in more recyclable and biodegradable products, jute has experienced a renaissance in popularity. Jute carpets have a warming hue, which means jute flooring is perfect in the quieter areas of your home where it will instil a calm and soothing feel.

The yarn comes from the stalk of the giant corchorous plants, grown in southern India. They’re harvested by hand, tied in bundles and soaked in water. The stems are then pounded with wooden mallets and the resulting jute fibres are spun into a beautiful silky yarn. The fibres are fine, meaning jute carpets are soft, which makes them an ideal flooring option for a bedroom.

We also offer a chunkier jute, which has more of a tweedy look and feel. A chunky jute carpet adds texture and light to rooms to give an even more cosy, snuggly option.

To get the full, calming effect of a jute carpet, dim the lights, ditch the footwear and add a few soulful sounds.

Types of Jute Flooring

Similarly to seagrass, sisal and coir, we offer different types of jute flooring options:

  • Bouclé – tightly woven jute loops of different sizes
  • Herringbone – a visual zigzag with variations in width. It’s v-shaped and called herringbone because it looks like the skeleton of a herring.

Jute carpets are naturally light brown and will fade after time if exposed to direct sunlight. Because of its fine fibres, its suitability rating is light domestic. Jute can be mixed with wool, however, to create a slightly more hardwearing carpet. The mix will produce different textures and offer alternative designs that we wouldn’t be able to create with jute alone.

Our highly experienced staff will be able to advise you on the suitability of jute flooring for your rooms in our showroom in Kent. Alternatively we welcome phone calls and emails with any questions you might have.

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